Degreasing ( เคมีภัณฑ์ล้างคราบไขมันบนผิวโลหะ ประเภทด่าง )

Alkaline degreasing chemical

       Alkaline degreasing is a coarse powder , consisting of a blend mild of medium alkaline , penetrants and dispersing agent. It was developed for rapid removal of unwanted materials from ferrous metal parts. It penetrates the contaminants weast chemically with the metal surface and thereby removing all exterior deposition the metal surface

       Liquid alkaline degreasing is requied to emulsify and suspend soil. The unique blend of surfactants,alkaline builder and sequester ants result in a product that will penetrate even the toughnest soils.

       This combination of ingredients provides fast throrough cleaning and controlled sufs for applications where spray opertions are required




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